Nature protection in Bali since 2000

Already in 2000, the current member of the "Mimpi Indonesia o.s." - Jiri Hruska joined as a director and co-owner of the Indonesian company PT Deep Blue Studio in Tulamben in Bali the non-profit project "Coral Reef Project" - aimed at saving coral reefs of the north-east coast of Bali:
  • as a sponsor in funding the research project to create the foundations for artificial reefs - the pyramid of used tires, precast concrete or steel structures. The project has a large success. Today visitors from the divers hardly know that the foundation rocks were used of tires. The steel structure was fed at the beginning of DC 12 V to cover the construction by lime. The secondary product surprised all project participants. The careless divers caused that the branches of corals was broken. Broken coral branches were collected by dive guides and other employees from diving centers. It has been balanced in the design and measurements and it was carried out in the coming months and years. We found that additions are up to three times bigger than that of naturally-growing corals (without any deformation).
  • as a field worker with the company's employees during the installation and commissioning of the pyramids and structures as well as measurement and monitoring.
In 2003 at the start of the activity of new building the company PT Deep Blue - Selang resort expanded activities to save sea turtles. There was at that time the turtle meat considered as a delicacy and a favorite part of the normal diet in Indonesia.
  • In cooperation with the group of the employees were (and still are) bought back from fishermen pass through the cleansing peel (deprivation of parasites) in pools and in good condition are discharged back into the sea (in contribution of sponsors and assist tourists). Collected sum is passed to fishermen to repair nets and after a long-term awareness-raising activities the turtle meat have disappeared from the menu in the area.
In 2007 was launched informational and educational campaign to save snakes.
  • First of all, thanks to the work in local schools we have managed to change people's consciousness that not every snake is poisonous and that also a poisonous snake can be useful for indigenous farmers.
  • Until now, we managed to save the life of a large number of reticulated pythons, especially Balinese by capture (the warning) and then launch in non crowded areas. At present snakes are already carried mainly by pupils and students themselves.
In 2008 has occurred at our place the first pair of Yellow-crested cockatoo parrots chicks. It was the period when the world was afraid of the "bird flu". Despite the fact that Bali avoid the disease, ban on exports of breeding birds literally liquidated local breeders. The above mentioned couple was rescued before destroying.

In 2009 the authorities in Indonesia started (somewhat irrationally) consistently enforce restrictions on exports, as well as breeding animals included in annexes I and II. CITES.

  • At this time the number of keeping birds and other animals in the Selang resort was growing and the first aviary were built. It eventually became the basis for breeding the ciliated hornbills. The first 2 babies were brought by police after a successful crackdown on protected animals smugglers in Surabaya in Java (November 2009).
In the spring of 2010 was implemented an information campaign and pre-trial proceedings to establish non-profit organization focused on saving nature of the northern coast of Bali. The inaugural meeting was attended nearly 30 mayors Kabupatenu Karangasem (north Bali). Coincidentally were present officers of the Czech TV, who filmed the document for the show "Babylon". Established non-profit organization was named "Mimpi Bali Foundation" (MBF), or "Yayasan Bali Mimpi" - Yayasan is in Indonesia the synonym for the nonprofit organization. Jiri Hruska was at that meeting approved as a commissioner (responsible for the efficient use of received funds) and the expert guarantor.
  • The Czech television was also present during the first real project "Satu orang Satu pohon" - one man one tree. The target of this action is planting trees in deforested areas. Seedlings are grown by pupils from schools in foothills of the volcano Gunung Agung. Proceeds from the seedlings sale to tourists (who lands them on the designated site) is dedicated to purchase the school supplies and uniforms. The school is located in a poor area of the community Tyaniar and it was deliberately chosen after the consultation with the relevant authorities as appropriate to implement the social program.
  • Another approved project MBF was the operation of the rescue ZOO in the area of the Selang resort. Leasing of the land for further development (of existing breeding areas) is provided by the company PT Deep Blue Studio.
  • Until now it was built in the area of the Selang resort:
    • 3 aquariums (in sum about 15 m3), the sea water swimming pool 12 x 3.5 x 2 m
    • 2 large aviaries for hornbills - one 13 x 5 x 4 meters, the second smaller
    • 11 aviaries for Lorie 3 x 2 x 1 m
    • 3 cages for small mammals 4.5 x 2 x 2 m
    • 2 large cages for monkeys (Javan langur) - irregular in the rock
    • 2 cages for prosimians (Javan loris, Nycticebus javanicus)
    • 3 large terrariums for Pythons and turtles and a number of smaller terrariums
    • a number of other cages and breeding facilities
  • cleaning, feeding and general care was provided (by the end of 2011) by 2 employees (salaries are sponsoring by Deep Blue PT) and from January 2011 works here the volunteer Zbynek Skracek (whose residence is also sponsoring by the company PT Deep Blue).
In the autumn of 2010 PT Deep Blue Studio (the current sponsor of the Zoo) sponsored (and still sponsors) the employee for the waste separation in Tulamben, buying an incinerator, buying 20 pc bins for the whole community and technical support of cleaning sea and beaches (T-Shirts for 150 school pupils, plastic bags, the garbage disposal, drink and food for school children who participated in the action).

In cooperation with the employees of these volunteers provide future operation of the zoo grounds. They take particular rearing, proper feeding, health monitoring, but also the maintenance, repair and construction of livestock facilities.

Since September 2012 she joined the six months volunteering Hanka Potockova.

In the spring of 2013, Hank replaced the 3-month ornithologists from Charles University in Prague Dana Jezova and Matyas Adam and the third time for 6 months Zbynek skracek from Olomouc. Zbynek joined the experienced biologist Alena Dvorska and in September arrived with a group of marine biologists from UJEP in Olomouc 3 months Bara Bayerova.

In 2014, in the spring we welcomed the artist to Bali Rescue Project "Tarsius" Milada rehakova in the Philippines with her husband. During the year, there have been a number of volunteers - Zuzana Muchova, Martin Rafaj, Dana Zakova, Vendula Kurdikova, Petra Hudokova with a friend. In the autumn there was a significant turnaround in the legislation, and after several changes the company was completed in October, most licenses in accordance with current legislation. The condition for the granting of licenses was the construction of the main building in Bangle, where he managed to implement a septic tank, foundations and perimeter walls with window frames.

In spring 2015, work began on Bali pensioner Zbynek Hanzak that outside supervision Zoo began to prepare (weld), aviaries and other breeding facilities for newly built location Rescue Zoo Bangle. In spring he arrived in Bali, co-founder of the project TRASH HERO Jan Bares in Thailand and Bali of Indonesia established an offshoot of a project aimed at collecting garbage on beaches. 6 months of activity came from Nikola Tomesova (Faculty of Agriculture in Prague), which in turn coordinate the activities of other volunteers - Vojtech Tamas, Jolana Radimov, Barbora Novakova, Marketa Novotna, Elizabet Necasova. In autumn they boarded for several months of operation Lukas Denemarek and Annie Songe (Buzgonova) who took care of the zoo in the spring of 2016.

Spring 2016. The operation of the zoo in the spring two months taking care of Jana Lastuvkova and Katerina Mickova, who replaced Daniela Majtnerova, Karolina Janku and the end of August Elizabet Necasova with her mother. In October arrived Tatiana Vecerkova. During the year, at the (command the Department of Conservation) number of livestock (with the status of endangered) taken to a rescue center Annimal Rescue Center in Tabanan that will be returned to the newly built campus at Bangle.

In the spring of 2017 they came to power volunteering to Bali (the second time) Nikola Tomesova and Karolina Janku. The Nikole will soon add new volunteers Eliska Kahudova and Ondrej Vrastil.

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