Do you think that you cannot see sharks, whales, turtles, elephants, orangutans, tigers, rhinos, leopards and other unique animals at once? That you cannot meet varied forms of life in oceans, lakes, mangrove, tropical rainforests and the mountains? That you cannot see Buddhist and Hindu temples and monasteries and get to know the culture so different from ours? Are you interested in how the indigenous tribes untouched by the civilization could live in these modern times? Do you think that you cannot experience these occasions all together? Wrong! As the local says, nothing is a problem in Indonesia!

Indonesia is the largest and most diverse archipelago in the world. With more than 18 000 islands has much to offer. Indonesia is located in the Southeast Asia and Oceania, on the border of Asian and Australian region (the boundary between Pacific and Indian Ocean). This boundary and the equatorial position make Indonesia a tropical paradise - one of the largest treasuries of natural fortune in the world.

The largest islands that you can visit here are Sumatra, Java, Sulawesi, Kalimantan and Papua. But if you think that there isn't any soul, you are wrong again. Indonesia is one of four most populated countries in the world. The largest island is Java and the capital of the whole Indonesia is Jakarta.

The biggest problem of whole Indonesia is growing of the industrialization and population. People move there, cut down forests and don't realize that they destroy natural ecosystems for many plant and animal species in this way. Original forests are increasingly changed or replaced by teak monocultures in the agricultural landscape. Another impact of high population is a huge amount of waste ending in the sea, polluting of drinking sources of water, destroying air environment and impoverished coasts (by fishing). If this continues, we will have nothing to admire here. Our journey to paradise will be the journey to the place where only used to be paradise.

Mimpi Indonesia is trying to make here no "used to be". We found in Indonesia small animal species as well as large animals at present due to many types of biomes. With more than 1500 kinds of endemic birds and 500 kinds of endemic mammals is Indonesia second in endemism (after Australia). But most of these unique animals is losing its natural environment and gradually dying out because of the human activity. Almost 800 species of animals and plants are now considered as endangered, despite of this fact the local destruction of nature still continues. Mimpi Indonesia is trying to improve this situation. We map the nature and endangered species of Indonesia and we want to save remains of their natural habitat. In 2012 we are building a new rescue ZOO in Bali where we going to breed these animals and then try get them back to the wild. We don't want to just stand by! Even you can contribute to preserve this paradise to the next generation.

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