Support the Indonesian nature rescue

Do you want at least slightly control the "civilization roll"? Aren't you unconcerned about nonreversible vanishing of primaeval forests and others unique biotopes? Even you can help to rescue some of the hundreds of endangered Indonesian animal species!

Financial support - donations, sponsoring, promotion

If you contribute to our account, your money will be use to finishing the Selang Zoo in Bali, to leasing or buying the land, to fencing it, to building-up the technical equipment and breeding facilities and meny other things. You can contribute by any sum or you can contribute regularly on the account number 2100194892/2010.

If you wanted to contribute by higher sum, we will pleased to drow up a deed of gift or contract of sponsoring with enterprisers and companies. Another option is a contract for advertising (we can make terms individually).

Animal adoption at a distance

In the Selang rescue Zoo is waiting for their adoptive parents quite a number of animal orphans. The reward for you will be except your good feeling, certificate about the adoption and the sign on the cage either the feeling that you are going to Bali to the part of your family. Want to adopt is the link where you find the details about who and how you can adopt.

Sponsoring a tree in Bali

We are preparing the certificates, signs on trees, sponsoring at a distance.. the czech forest in Bali will grow up!

Range of voluntary entrance fee, buying of sponsor products

You can expressively help by attendance at presentations - by range of voluntary entrance fee, or by buying the advertising products - T-shirts, calendars etc. At the same time we appreciate any assistance in organization of presentations (conferences, projections, meetings, exhibitions) at places according to your choice.

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