In Czech Republic

  • Lectures, screenings, exhibitions, increasing the awareness of the need for action on nature conservation in Indonesia.
  • How to save from extinction (critically) endangered species Bali and other islands.
  • Recruitment and training of volunteers and professionals in the future and to operate in Indonesia.
  • Obtaining funding to provide activities on Bali. Applications for grants, sponsorship, advertising.
  • Negotiations with potential partners - universities, zoos, veterinarians, breeders ...

In Bali (Indonesia)

  • Construction of a new complex rescue zoo in the mountains Bangle Seraya and Lempuyan. Where is leased (for 30 years), land area of 212 ares and shell construction of the main building. Relocation of livestock facilities from its current location.
  • Projects rescue breeding and rearing of critically endangered species. Currently Grey-rumped Myna (Acridotheres tertius) and Jawan FerratBadger (Melogale orientalis).
  • Construction of environmental classroom for pupils of local schools, installation of information boards, distribution of promotional materials.
  • Co-organized event on collection and disposal of plastic waste on the beaches and in the mountains area (Trash Hero).
  • Collaboration on projects to save the life of coral reefs.
  • Fieldwork in Bali Mapping the current state of ecosystems in Bali. Ecotourism development opportunities and proposals for effective measures on conservation to local authorities.

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